After dusk, shrouded by brain fog and unclarity, we endured pain, symptoms of trauma. We screamed out our strangeness, embraced the oddness. Our roots entangled in past sufferings Now, we craft a new manifesto, we lay down new foundations. From the depths of who we once were, we reprogram our essence, liberated from preconceptions, fully conscious at peace in our imperfections


You have complete freedom as soon as you provide us with your interpretation of a close up portrait of which we require a small selection to choose from. The portraits featured in each and every editorial will be the visual fil rouge of the issue


Casting is essential to us, please keep us updated with your casting choices


Do create some backstage content of any sort. Could be pictures from an iPhone, a disposable camera, short videos, screenshot of the moodboard, sketches or any other material that was useful to produce the final project as well as discarded pictures and or visual materialWe want to put light on the process and the team



Minimum number of pictures for an editorial is 8, therefore we ask to provide a wider selection of about 15 shots as well as a layout suggestion if you have one. Layouts may change based on the final selection. High resoliution pictures can be sent via transfer or uploaded directly (hyperlink) TIFF RGB 300dpi with a minimum of 2000px on the short edge Credits must contain full team credits including instagram handles and/or website adresses


We do not support any fast fashion brand. All editorials displaing fast fashion samples will be disregarded. Metalhead is a strong supporter of emerging designers, we work with press officies and indipendent brands all around the globe. Feel free to get in touch with our fashion director regarding any issues or in case you need help with PRs. A minimum of 6 looks per fashion story is required Our choice is to not impose any adv. Vintage and/or archive pieces are welcome upon pre-approval by the fashion team


Moodboards have to be presented by the 7th of July. All final material should be delivered within the 5th of September. For any issue don’t hesitate to contact us REMINDER Our moodboard is just a trace, a direction, we want teams to feel free to create and plasm the issue’s theme through their own eyes and POV, show who you truly are and never forget the main reason we are into this: say something and have some fun