Waiting for a miracle

waiting for a miracle

grunge vibe editorial shot by Colin Svensson exclusively for The Metalhead magazine

Paradoxal soul

Paradoxal soul „Paradoxal soul“ is a tribute to the lost youth, those wandering souls seeking solace in the dissonance of a disenchanted world. Beneath the layers of sadness and apathy, there beats a heart full of raw emotion. It’s the pain of broken dreams, the ache of unrequited love, and the bitter sting of disillusionment.Lost […]


„The repeating error,
the abandonment to failure, devoid of any positive outcome.
The “inept “ is the man un-fit for life, abulic, dissatisfied and unresolved.
Unable to seize the opportunities of existence to take advantage and enjoy them.
He is the defeated victim of himself and his tortuous psychology.
The result is an eternal child screwing himself into the repetitive mechanisms of an unresolved life.“

Out of the Archives

Lace top Remake SthlmLeather top Darker WavsJacket and belt TEURN STUDIOSJeans HOPEStockings CalzedoniaSlippers Max MaraEarring SYDORIARings pfgSTOCHOLMNecklaces Stylist’s archive Out of the Archives „Out of the Archives“ is a fashion editorial exploring the theme of youth emerging from the shadows of conformity. It portrays individuals who have long hidden within their metaphorical shells, embodying a […]

Tiring city life

tiring city life Exclusive fashion editorial by Ulysse Carbajal. „In this edito, I wanted to express the tiring and stressful side of the city, by playing on exaggerated attitudes and expressions. through the model’s emotions, I wanted to express how hard it is to live in the city. But also through styling: My inspiration came […]


Jeans VetementsBoxers BalenciagaNecklace Isabel Marant igor „This project is one of my personal attempts to go back to basics and do things my way.After shooting some unusual and over the top ideas i wanted to focus again on the main subject.The subject being fashion and male model, no destructions, just clear vision and non-complicated form.“ […]

Il est où l’after ?

Il est où l’after ? Exclusive editorial by Alan Brethaud, emerging Paris based photographer. „This editorial is a nostalgia for the times when I used to go out a lot and also discovered myself.These images represent flashbacks of times when I used to go to afters.“ Photography and creative direction ALAN BRETHAUD Fashion VALENTTIN PERONHair […]



we delve into the profound connection individuals share with vintage items, akin to Linus’s security blanket.

Barbarism begins at home

Barbarism begins at home

This story starring Mia at Premier and Zovi at First centres on the idea of hereditary and inter-generational discontent.


Human mind

My photography is an artistic exploration of the intricate interplay between the human psyche, hysteria, and affectus. Inspired by the depths of the human soul, I aim to capture the essence of our emotions in their rawest, most authentic form.